Ieva Baltmiskyte

Authenticity of performance

Ieva Baltmiskyte is a Lithuanian guitarist.
​After graduating from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and from the Royal Conser-vatory of Brussels, she became interested in authenticity of  perfor-mance, which led her to implement different historical instruments into her concerts. She often performs on renaissance or baroque lutes, lyre guitars and classical guitars. Ieva is also interested in contem-porary music, in which she includes her own arrange-ments and compositions, often featuring Baltic music motives as a reflection of her origin.

Ieva on Youtube

Alejandro Rivas Cottle

Soulful songs
Alejandro sings soulful songs in spanish from latin america and of course his own songs.

As a singer-songwriter,  Alejandro has performed concerts performing Latin American music and compositions since 1996 in different countries such as Bolivia, Belgium, Peru, Holland, Germany, Finland and Spain, sharing the stage with different national and international artists. his way of making music is very sensitive.

Alejandro on Youtube

Shelby Ouattara

Sunny latin-soul

 Shelby takes you on a trip to her sunny latin-soul world. With her guitar, her unique voice and her smile, she sings her love for life and people. The singer-songwriter is the reflection of her music, a rich mixture of styles. Besides her Afro-European origins, she feels a deep connection with Latin America and more specifically with Brazil. 

 Brazilians even call her « la belga de alma brasileira » (the Belgian with a Brazilian soul). 

Shelby on Youtube

Gérard Spencer

Handpan Guru
The discovery of the Hang also opened  the doors to (re)discovering and getting interested in many other instruments from all around the world: percussions such as the Djembe or the Cajon, Tibetan bells and singing bowls, the Didgeridoo, native flutes, the jews harp, the Shruti box and many more! 
 Gérard shares his music and his passion for making dreams come true everywhere he goes. 

Gérard on Youtube

Aneta Todorova 


"If I cannot fly, let me sing! The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

Aneta performs musical works in different styles - Bulgarian folklore, Slavic religious music, great classical works for chorus and orchestra, etc.
Her classical repertoire includes areas of the most famous operas and operettas.

Aneta on Youtube

The borderless project

« The Borderless Project » is the unique encounter of Sitar, Handpan and Didgeridoo, three extraordinary instruments, accompanied by various percussions! We invite you on a special journey, combining world music, acoustic trance and zen music. Enchanting and hypnotic melodies, groovy beats and powerful vibrant waves of sound unite for your pleasure. Sit down, relax, take a deep breath… and enjoy the journey! 

Borderless project YouTube

Joachim Lacrosse

Joachim is both, musician and professor of philosophy. After a long time practicing classical and jazz guitar, he falls in love with a sitar, October 1999 in Varanasi, North India. 

His sitar playing makes Indian sitar techniques meet Western guitar. His original music is mixing hindustani and carnatic elements with European jazz, classical and folk flavours.

Joachim on YouTube

Cormac Patrick McMorrow

Pop, Folk Singer/Songwriter
He is born and raised in Belgium but with Irish roots. He began singing at a young age and now he is writing his own songs. He  has started to use the computer as a tool for producing his own music and plans to self release several singles in 2020.  He loves performing live. Cormac sings  pop / folk with a hint of rhythm and blues thrown into the mix. Artists like Damien Rice and Hozier are some of his biggest influences.

Cormac on YouTube

Matt W Rose

Street Performer
He is an individualist with a very special voice and he performs with a lot of feeling.
If you are lucky you can find him sometimes performing in the streets of Brussels.

An other big focus in his life as a musicien are his electronic compostions.

Matt W on YouTube


PILATES with Helga 

Helga was born in the Netherlands in 1977. Her education and career took her in the direction of an office job, working in the energy industry all over Europe for 16 years. Pilates was always present in her life and in 2011, the time came to turn it into more than a hobby.

Helga trained in Pilates since 1995 in Amsterdam, London and Brussels and started the BASI mat work teacher training in Düsseldorf at the beginning of 2011, following her wish to dive deeper into the art of Pilates and teaching. After completing the intensive certification program in 2012, she started teaching private and group classes, alongside her office job. 

Moutainbiking with Andrej

Andrej is a passionate biker. He sits on his mountain bike as often as possible. Accompany him on his tours around Brussels (40-80 km) and discover what Brussels forests have to offer. It is not
High-performance sport (Andrej is 50 years old ;-)) but the legs and the circulation are definitely challenged. He is also very funny.

In 2017 Andrej fulfilled his dream and drove from Germany through Austria, Switzerland, Italy over the Alps to the south of France. You can learn such and other stories during the tour. Andrej looks forward to your stories or simply to a casual tour with you.

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