We deliver culture to your door.

With     d-i-s-t-a-n-c-e     Live! 
A campaign against loneliness, for entertainment and to support local artists. 

Book a mini concert in your own garden, or give one to a friend.

Culture touches hearts and Live is Life!


Bring culture to your doorstep...

The current situation is annoying and has surprised us all and none of us has ever experienced anything like it. Our neighbors are slowly losing patience and we are losing our nerves. Culture on demand offers small, exciting and surprising changes from the monotony of home walls and screens - with mini-performances, personal, but at a safe distance. 

Many great Brussels artists have some more time available. They provide a change from the monotony of everyday life in home office, providing entertainment and special moments.

Artists currently lack an audience, a stage and income. With Culture on Demand, we bring together, what belongs together; artist and audience. Musicians, poets, performers, painters, photographers, magicians and other artists of our city can delight you with personal, small scale, live acts. For a change, a good mood and motivation in a difficult time for many.

Of course, we follow the current regulations regarding hygiene and physical distancing and request the same from the audience. We take the current situation very seriously. The same applies to culture on demand: “Being touched, whilst keeping a distance!”.



What would you like to book? Have a look and get in touch with us

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The excitement can begin!


Here we go !

Time to create your event and start counting the days.


Time to enjoy and dance!

It starts! 
Just clap, don't touch! Thank you very much!


Make your choice and reach out to us! Send us an email and we will get in touch with you to dicuss your ideas and wishes. 

The excitement can begin!


Together we will decide on the right cultural program for your special occasion and sort out all the details.

We will figure out the best place for the performance, together with you, for a safe and optimal experience; under the balcony, in the courtyard, or in the garden. 

Now the waiting begins!


On the agreed day, your artist of choice will make their way to you. Your own, exclusive show starts in the courtyard, in front of your home or in the garden. 

Settle in and get ready!

Booking requests and questions:


If you want to participate as an artist, please get in touch with us:  e-mail